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Paving the path to a brighter future: Haatso Children's Home.

One of my favorite children's home to visit is the Haatso Children's Home. This faith based organization is located in Haatso and spearheaded by Pastor Reindorf Ashley. Upon arrival, Pastor Ashley greeted all members of Khleeko and gave a brief tour of the children's home. Khleeko donated some food items to help ease the financial burden on the faith-based organization providing shelter for the 40 individuals. Among the items, were two bags of rice, four boxes of Tampico drink, two bottles of cooking oil and a bag of clothes containing over 50 items.

The Haatso Children's Home had 4 staff members available to answer any questions. The environment created within the Haatso Children's Home truly felt as though you were visiting any other family members household. The children in attendance were full of life, fully attentive, and welcoming. Pastor Ashley made a comment about the term orphan that really stuck out to the team members of Khleeko. He mentioned the children within the home are never referred to as orphans because the term sometimes implies a sense of pity. Pastor Ashley iterated that they only sympathize with these children and the unfortunate situation that they are in. Through mentorship, educational programs, and support from various stakeholders, these children are able to exceed and become exceptional leaders in their own community.

Khleeko recognizes the efforts of the Haatso Children's Home and believes they are on the right course of aiding more generations to come. As our tour of the establishment came to a close, Pastor Ashley held a prayer with the children to wish us success in our endeavors to support and aid other communities. As we took our group picture and said farewells, the message was clear on what leaders must do to help others. It is a leader's duty to provide what he or she can and supply hope to those in the midst of disarray. Thank you for having Khleeko and we will surely be visiting again soon.

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