Paving the path to a brighter future: Teshie Children's Home.

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The most rewarding thing in life is to take a genuine interest in the lives of others by helping them the best you can. There are currently more than 160,000 orphans residing in Ghana and over 1 million children living under a single parent household. This epidemic requires the ongoing attention of the national government, activist organizations, and anyone who is passionate in helping others. There are recent studies that confirm the impact of economic distress in both urban and rural areas. Research further details its contribution to the increased number of orphans as their parents/guardians are unable to meet the financial need of raising the child. Society must be obliged to protect the resources of our future and not only provide a safe haven for children to strive but to also nurture their development so that they too will becomes leaders and combat the socio-economical challenges that threaten future generations.

Khleeko visited Teshie Children's Home to discuss some of the issues contributing to the orphanage epidemic as well as ongoing projects they have been working on. The Teshie Children's Home was established in 1995 by Mrs. Janet Anyeley. She embarked upon this journey to draw public attention to inexperienced mothers, some who were illiterate and school dropouts, who abandoned their children out of frustration to simply fend for themselves. This cycle caused countless grandparents/guardians to take on the additional responsibility of raising more children at their home. While every child is not fortunate with having a grandparent/guardian available, most are left on the streets to live a life filled with struggles, poverty, and loneliness. On this visit, Khleeko was able to donate over 50 coloring books, writing instruments, crayon sets, a bag of rice, 5 packs of juice, and cooking oil to support their ongoing development.